Lexmark ink refill instructionsLexmark
12A1990, 1361760
Photo Cartridge




Photo Color Cartridge
1. To locate the filler holes of the cartridge you must remove the plastic cover. This cover must be removed before refilling by carefully prying it off with a thin metal blade, such as a utility knife. Important: Make certain not to damage the sensors on the back of the cartridge.

2. Attach the needle to the syringe and fill with the correct color ink.

3. Insert the filling needle into the corresponding filler hole of the color to be refilled, from left to right the colors are PHOTO CYAN - BLACK - PHOTO MAGENTA , push as far down into the cartridge. Note: You may feel a slight pressure because the cartridge contains a sponge. (
It's also a good idea to check the color chambers with a tooth pick before putting in ink. The chambers are somewhat dry and you might have to push the tooth pick in far to get ink on it.)

4. Inject approximately 8 ml. of ink or until the sponge is soaked. Important: The sponge inside is white. In order to prevent overfilling the cartridge do not change the color of the sponge to the color you are filling. When the ink just begins to surface where the needle is inserted, stop filling, the cartridge is full.

5. After refilling, the top can be refitted and fixed with adhesive tape.

Note: Immediately refill any empty cartridges.

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
3 Syringes for color.

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