Refilling OEM HP-02 Cartridges
WARNING: Letting your refilled cartridge run out of ink can ruin your printer!
  1. Put the cartridge on some paper towels in an area where you can tolerate a spill. Working over a sink is a good idea.
  2. Look at the top of the cartridge. Locate the small dimple on top.
  3. Melt a hole through the plastic into the main chamber. (The exact location is not critical, but we suggest making the hole through the dimple.) We suggest using a soldering iron or wood-burning tool. If you don't have one, take a large paper clip or small nail to a flame, heat it up, and melt your hole with this item. Be sure to hold the nail or paper clip with pliers or something similar since it will get hot! Do not drill this hole since the shavings will clog the ink flow.
  4. Take the syringe, fill with ink from the ink bottle. Tip the bottle slightly sideways to fill the syringe.
  5. On this cartridge, it is important to fill the cartridge completely full.
  6. Remove your needle from your syringe. Set aside the needle.
  7. Seal the hole airtight! A good way to do this is to use a dab of hot glue. Another solution may be to use black vinyl electrical tape. But don't use masking tape or ordinary "scotch" tape, since these don't form an airtight seal.
  8. Set above a paper towel for a few minutes as a drip precaution. Do not allow the cartridge to touch the paper, since the paper will draw out the ink.
  9. For best results, let sit overnight before using to make sure it doesn't leak.
  10. For longterm storage, store in a zip lock bag.

 Your cartridge is filled and ready to go.
Important Notice...Refill your cartridge before it is empty. These printers can get an air lock in the printhead so you don't want it to pull in any air from an empty cartridge.

WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions precisely can ruin your printer!

It is vital that you do not let a refilled #02 cartridge run out of ink!

These cartridges contain a microchip which counts the amount of ink used. Under normal conditions, the cartridge is refilled when the ink has been used. A normal cartridge will still have ink remaining when the level reads "ink out". This is important because the printer does not have a backup method of determining when the cartridge is out of ink! Don't wait till the last moment to refill your cartridge!

If the cartridge truly runs out of ink, air will be pulled into the printhead, possibly causing a "fatal printer error". Therefore, it is important to not let your refilled cartridges run out of ink!

Let us emphasize one more time: You must not let the refilled cartridges run out of ink! 

. Open the lid to your printer.
2. Place your refilled tank into the cradle that corresponds with the color of the tank.
3. Close the lid to your printer.
4. A prompt will then display on your printer screen saying "Original HP Ink Depleted".
5. On your printer will be a circle of buttons with "OK" in the middle and arrow keys. Press the right arrow key.
6. A prompt will then display on your printer screen saying "Attention".
7. Press the "OK" button on your printer.


A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
One 30cc Syringe with blunt needle for black.
Five 10cc Syringes with blunt needle for color.

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