HP-02 Refillable Cartridges
These refill instructions are for the HP-02 refillable cartridges.

1) Remove the small rubber plug from the filling hole located on top of the cartridge.

2. Put the blunt filling needle onto the syringe and  fill the syringe with ink.
S-l-o-w-l-y inject the ink into the filling hole of the cartridge until the cartridge is filled about inch for the top.
The black cartridge will take approximately 35ml
The color cartridges will take approximately 12ml each

3. Reinsert the small rubber plug back into the filling hole.
Be sure that it is pushed in well. Push and twist at the same time.

4. The cartridge is now filled and ready to use.

When the cartridge is removed (removing power from the chip) and reinstalled back into the printer the chip will reset back to full.

 Important Notice...Refill your cartridge before it reads empty. These printers can get an air lock in the printhead so you don't want it to pull in any air from an empty cartridge.
Once the cartridges have been filled you can install them into the printer. For best results use all refillable cartridges together.

WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions precisely can ruin your printer!

It is vital that you do not let a refilled #02 cartridge run out of ink!

These cartridges contain a microchip which counts the amount of ink used. Under normal conditions, the cartridge is refilled when the ink has been used. A normal cartridge will still have ink remaining when the level reads "ink out". This is important because the printer does not have a backup method of determining when the cartridge is out of ink! Don't wait till the last moment to refill your cartridge!

If the cartridge truly runs out of ink, air will be pulled into the printhead, possibly causing a "fatal printer error". Therefore, it is important to not let your refilled cartridges run out of ink!

Let us emphasize one more time: You must not let the refilled cartridges run out of ink! 

Note: Do you have a printer that uses the HP-363 (looks like the HP-02) but ordered the HP-02 by mistake?
The following procedure should revert the machine to use HP-02 as opposed to the HP-363.
Replace all cartridges with new region cartridges.
- Press arrow LEFT and RIGHT together. Release buttons.
- Press 1, 2 and 3. (service menu appears)
- Press RIGHT arrow TWICE. (special reports menu appears)
- Press OK
- Press RIGHT arrow once. (Print cartridge menu appears)
- Press OK. Printer test page will be printed.
DON'T print or use printer for anything else during setup!

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
One 30cc Syringe with blunt needle for black.
Five 10cc Syringes with blunt needle for color.
The Refill Kit does not include the Refillable Cartridges.

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