HP58 - C6658HP CartridgeHP58 - C6658
C6658, #58

Refill Instructions
Photo cartridge


1. Put the cartridge on some paper towels in an area where you can tolerate a spill. Refill area for HP58 - C6658

2. Peel off the top label.

3. Fill the syringe with 5 ml. of color ink.

4. Very S-L-O-W-L-Y inject ink into each chamber until the sponge full. A little ink might come out of the top when full, so cover up the other holes while filling one.

5. When finished leave the top label off and the filling holes exposed (when printing it has to pull in air).

6. Replace the cartridge and run 1 - 3 cleaning cycles as per printer instructions.

For best results, leave cartridge in printer for 8 hours after refilling so the ink can saturate the entire sponge.

The cartridge will print just like a new one. Even though the cartridge prints good, the ink level gauge will not read full after a refill. To reset the ink level gauge back to full follow these instructions:
#58 C6658
This will allow you to reset the ID system & Ink Level Indicator built into the printer.

1. Remove cartridge from your printer.
2. Place a piece of tape over the top left contact as shown in red on the picture to the right.
3. With the tape covering the contact place cartridge back into printer.
4. The printer will perform and alignment page.
5. Once an alignment page has been printed remove cartridge from printer.
6. Place a piece of tape over the second contact shown in red.HPC6656a.jpg (19355 bytes)
7. Place cartridge into printer with both pieces of tape. (One covering the first contact and one cover the second contact.)
8. Printer will print another alignment page.
9. Once the second alignment page has been printed remove cartridge from printer.
10. Remove tape pieces from cartridge contacts (Make sure there is no residual adhesive on cartridge contacts.)
11. Place cartridge into printer. Cartridge should now read full.

Additional Notes:
As stated above it is very important that there is no residual adhesive on the cartridge contact point. This will make reading the cartridge difficult.
     If the reset did not work on your printer, you can cycle cartridges through to reset the level.  You will need two extra cartridges and the one you refilled.  First, put the refilled cartridge in the printer.  Allow it to recognize the cartridge and print an alignment page.  Take that cartridge out and place in the first extra cartridge.  Allow it to recognize and print an alignment page.  Take the first extra cartridge out and place the second extra cartridge in.  Allow it to recognize and print an alignment page.  Take the second extra cartridge out.  Place the refilled cartridge back in the printer.  It will print an alignment page and then the estimated ink level will be reset to full.


A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
Three 10cc Syringes

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