HP51649 & Type 49
Photo Cartridge

Many different HP DeskJet 600 Series Printers

hpC1816A.jpg (29073 bytes)1.  The filler holes are located under the green or blue top. The green or blue top must be removed before refilling by carefully prying it off with a thin metal blade, such as a penknife. Alternatively lay the cartridge on its side, hold down firmly, and strike the green top with a blunt instrument to break its seal.

2. Insert the filling needle into the filler hole of the color to be refilled, (see diagram above or insert a toothpick and withdraw it to be sure ) and push downwards until the filling needle reaches the center of the cartridge. Note: The cartridge contains a sponge and a slight resistance may be felt.

Important:  When you take off the color cartridge cap will notice that the sponge is white.  Do not change the sponge color.  Fill the individual colors until the color just begins to show in the white sponge.

3. Slowly inject up to 7ml. of ink until the sponge is saturated.

4. After refilling the top can be refitted and secured with adhesive tape.

5. Set above a paper towel for an hour as a drip precaution. Expect a few drips. Do not allow the paper towel to touch the bottom of the cartridge, as it will draw out all of the ink. Remove any large hanging drops immediately.

Note: Empty cartridges should be refilled immediately.


To Clean the Printhead

  1. Only clean the printhead if you get poor print quality or no print.
  2. Be sure that you don't have an air bubble problem.
    • If cleaning the printhead causes the situation to get worse rather than improve, you probably have an air bubble problem.
    • If you have an air bubble problem, you need to re-inject some ink very deep into the cartridge.
  3. Follow the directions in the printer manual to run the cleaning routine.
  4. If this doesn't work, take the cartridge to the nearest hot water faucet.
    • Turn on the hot water. Let it get hot.
    • Put only the printhead portion (where the ink comes out) under the hot water for 2 to 3 seconds
    • Dry off the cartridge using a soft tissue.
    • Re-insert the cartridge into the printer.
    • Run the normal cleaning routine a few times.
  5. If this doesn't work, soak only the printhead in simmering water for up to 2 hours. You may add up to 50 percent ammonia for really tough clogs.

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
3 Syringes for color.

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