HP Business InkJet SERIES





1. Cut label at joint between top and bottom cap of the cartridge case.

2. Flip back bottom cap of cartridge.

3. Squeeze sides of cartridge case and carefully wiggle out Mylar ink bag and pump assembly from the insert lock.

4. Screw the Ball Remover screw into the center of the rubber sealing plug, (situated in the filling hole) until a firm grip is made and pull out the plug. (Keep the plug on the end of the Yellow Ball Remover)

5. Put the blunt filling needle onto the syringe and fill the syringe with ink.  

6. Insert the blunt needle into the filling hole until the pink part of the needle is pressed up against the filling hole. Be sure the needle (even though it is blunt) does not press up against the bag and punctures it.

7.  Slowly inject with 30cc of ink (type 12 cartridges will take 55cc) and then reseal by pushing back in the rubber plug. (Push in with the plug on the end of the ball remover screw and then remove the ball remover screw from the ball plug). Or use a new black ball that is enclosed with your refill kit.

8.  Remove the excess air from the Mylar ink bag and pump assembly as follows:

A.  Hold assembly at a 45 angle with outlet hole tube at the top.

B.  Insert needle of empty injector (with plunger pushed in) into outlet hole tube.

C.  Press and release pump several times which will expel air into the syringe.

D.  Pull back the plunger on the syringe to remove any air from the outlet hole tube   and then withdraw the needle.

9.  Replace the Mylar ink bag assembly into the cartridge case and clip the bottom back into position.

10.  Install the cartridge back into printer.

Note: This cartridge has a chip that knows its serial number and manufacturer date. It lets the cartridge operate and be refilled for two years then it will stop working. If the cartridge sat on a shelf for 6 months before you bought it then you only have 18 months to use it and refill it as much as you want.

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
One 30cc Syringe for each color with blunt needle.
One Ball Remover
One Black Ball for each color.

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