Hewlett Packard HP ink refill instructions

HP DeskJet 700/800/900 Series Printers
OfficeJet R and T Series, and Certain Plotters.
HP ink refill instructions

( 51641A/ C1823A/ C1823D/ C6578D )


1HP ink refill instructions.  The filling holes are located on the top of the cartridge and are sealed with small plastic plugs.  These must be removed by pushing them into the cartridge using a pointed instrument. (A ball point pen works well or a push pin).

2. Don't go by the label on the front of the cartridge when putting in ink, it's not in the correct order. Go by our diagram here. You can also stick the long needle in a chamber and wipe it with a paper towel to verify the correct color chamber.

3.  Fill the syringe with 8cc of ink. Insert the filling needle into the filler hole of the color to be refilled (see diagram) and push downwards into the bottom of the cartridge.  Note the cartridge contains a sponge and a slight resistance may be felt. HP ink refill instructions

4.   S-l-o-w-l-y inject the first 3cc toward the bottom then inject the other 5cc s-l-o-w-l-y in the middle. (If all the ink is injected at the bottom where the printhead is, some of the color will seep into another colors chamber and cross contaminate. If this happens it will eventually flush itself out with printing)  Do not reseal the filling holes (the original plugs had vents to let air into the cartridge, as ink is used it needs to pull air into the cartridge).    Important:   Do not inject the last cc if it is air bubbles

5. Set above a paper towel for a few minutes as a drip precaution. Do not allow the cartridge to touch the paper, since the paper will draw out the ink.

6. Place the cartridge back into the printer. It is best to fill the cartridge at night just before going to bed and let the cartridge sit in the printer after a refill for 8 hours so the ink can stabilize in the sponges. The next day run 1 - 3 cleaning cycles as per printer instructions.
Or print the following pages:
http://www.refillinstructions.com/color.htm for Color 

 Empty cartridges should be refilled immediately.
Also this work is done best over the sink.

If you are interested in resetting the ink level gauge back to full after refilling read this:

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
3 Syringes.
3 Long Needles
1 Push Pin

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