Bottom Filling HP 500 & 600 Printers
C6614A - 51626A - 51629A Black Cartridges

Note: As tempting as it may seem, do not put a needle in the hole that is located on top of the cartridge.

HP ink refill instructions 1.    HP ink refill instructionsA freshly emptied cartridge works best. If the cartridge has been out of the printer awhile, you may need to unclog the dried ink from the nozzles before the cartridge will accept the full amount of ink. See unclogging your cartridge. Snap the cartridge into the Snap & Fill. The bottom of the cartridge goes on the end with the white syringe connector. Keep the cartridge centered. You do not have to do anything to prepare the cartridge for filling, it is ready to go, as is. Spread out some newspaper to work on, just in case you spill some ink.
HP ink refill instructions 2.    Attach the blunt needle onto the syringe and fill the syringe with ink. It takes about 25 cc to fill the cartridge. Be sure there is no air in the syringe.
Remove the blunt needle from the syringe and attach the syringe to the white connector on the Snap & Fill. The end of the Snap & Fill will twist lock onto the syringe. HP ink refill instructions
HP ink refill instructions 3.    Keep the syringe pointed down and the Snap & Fill pointed up (your cartridge is up-side-down). Inject the ink slowly into the cartridge. You should feel some resistance when injecting the ink. Air will exit through the print head. You may get a little spray from the air exiting the cartridge. Make sure the bottom of the cartridge is pointing up. Pull back on the syringe plunger to remove any additional air, now push the syringe plunger to inject more ink.

Note: If you have trouble getting the ink to go into the cartridge, some or all of the print head nozzles may be clogged which blocks air from escaping. Try these tips for unclogging your cartridge.

This step is very important. In order to keep the ink from leaking out the bottom of the cartridge, a little vacuum is needed inside the cartridge in order to inflate the internal bladder bags. To do this simply pull back on the syringe about 5 to 10 cc worth. When you do this, the print head should still be pointing upward. This should also empty the ink and air from the tubing.

HP ink refill instructions 4.    Remove the cartridge from the Snap & Fill and place it on a paper towel for awhile to make sure it is not leaking. Do not let the print head touch the paper towel or it will wick the ink out of the cartridge. Make sure the cartridge is not leaking, head down. If it is you must go back to step 4 and apply more vacuum using the syringe.

If ALL leaking has stopped, clean the print head by blotting it with paper towel. Install the cartridge in the printer and print this page for Black

Clean the Syringe and Snap & Fill with warm water before you put them away.

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
One 30cc Lur Lock Syringe
One blunt needle
One Snap and Fill

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