Refill Instructions

Epson T060, T069, T078, T079, T098 Refillable Cartridges



1. All of our cartridges must be used as a set, they cannot be used with cartridges from other manufacturers. The cartridges will reset to full automatically when they are removed from the printer and replaced back into the printer or when power is disconnected from your printer.

2. Remove the Filling Hole Plug and the Vent Hole Plug. You should have one of the two types shown above.

3. Fill syringe with ink. (the cartridge will take approximately 15ml)

4. Insert the needle into the Filling Hole.

5. Very Slowly inject ink into the cartridge. Leave a small air space at the top of the cartridge.

6. Replace the Filling Hole Plug. (Important - Leave the vent plug out)

7. Leave the Vent Hole Plug out if you are going to put the cartridge into the printer. If you are going to save the filled cartridge for use at a later date then put the Vent Hole Plug back in. The Vent Hole Plug is only used for storing the cartridge for later use. When putting the cartridge into the printer be sure to remove the Vent Hole Plug. If you don't do this, the cartridge will not print.

8. Install the cartridge into the printer and run 1 - 3 cleaning cycles as per printer instructions.
Or print the following pages: for Black for Color 

   When the printer indicates that the cartridge is running low on ink. Remove the cartridge, fill with ink, and reinsert the cartridge back into the printer. This will reset the chip back to full. The chip is reset back to full when power if removed from the chip (such as taking it out of the printer) and then reapplying power to the chip (such as putting it back into the printer after the refill). If you have a power failure at your house or your printer is unplugged and then power comes back on you might have your cartridges resetting themselves back to full.
Many users find it more convenient to have two sets of cartridges to precipitate a quick change over when a cartridge is reported empty.

If the cartridges fail to work on the Artisan 1430. Take all the cartridges out. Unplug the printer for one minute. Plug the printer back in the power outlet. Install one cartridge. Press the ink drop button to have the cartridge go to the right and be read by the printer. Now install one more cartridge. Press the ink drop button to have the cartridge go to the right and be read by the printer. Then do the other cartridges the same way, one at a time.

ALL the cartridges provided MUST be installed in order for the system to work properly.
Your printer may have trouble recognizing the cartridges if they are not all installed together.
(DO NOT mix the refillable cartridges with other cartridges.)

Warning: - Never do a firmware update or a driver update on your printer. If your printer prints good now, it will not print even better after an update. The purpose of a firmware or driver update is to prevent your printer from accepting after market or refillable cartridges.
Printer manufactures don't want you to refill your cartridges, they want you to purchase your cartridges from them. If you use an after market cartridge or a refillable cartridge and then do a firmware or driver update your printer will give you a message that it does not recognize the cartridges and they will not work anymore.
A Refill Kit should include Ink plus a
and blunt needle for each color.

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