Epson Stylus 800
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          Refill Instructions

1) Find the ink exit hole on the bottom of the cartridge. Seal this hole with the rivet provided.

2) Using the thumb drill, drill a small hole in the top right corner about 25 percent of the way from the right hand side of the cartridge top.

3) Put the needle on to the syringe and draw up the ink. The cartridge will hold about 15ml of ink.

4) Insert the needle into the fill hole and push it well into the sponge. Try to get clear through the sponge to the bottom of the cartridge. inject the ink into the cartridge until the cartridge is full. You may wish to withdraw and re-insert the syringe at different angles in order to expose the whole sponge to the ink.

5) Wipe any excess ink off of the cartridge top and cover the hole with a piece of aluminum tape or electrical tape (press the tape down well to get a good seal), or seal with hot glue.

6) Let it sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The sponge needs this time to absorb the ink. For best results, try to let a newly refilled cartridge sit for at least 1 day before installing it into your printer. Twenty four hours will give the cartridge time to expel any air and insure a good pool of ink at the exit port. If you plan to store the cartridge for any length of time, leave the rivet in or seal the exit port with aluminum tape or electrical tape.

7) Remove the rivet and insert the cartridge into your printer. When you install your refilled cartridge, run your printhead cleaning routine 3-5 times before attempting to print.

Your Kit will include Ink plus:
One thumb drill
One Epson rivet
One 30cc Syringe.
Aluminum Tape

Epson inks tend to dry on the printhead when the printer has not been used for 3-5 days OR when you leave the printer without an installed cartridge for as little as 5 minutes. Always keep a cartridge in your printer.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have tried printing with your cartridge completely out of ink, you may have damaged the printhead. Inkjet printers work by heating a resistor inside the printhead which heats the ink before it is sprayed onto the paper. If there is no ink to keep the resistors cool, you stand the chance of frying them.

Always refill before you are completely out of ink. The best time is when the printer reads the cartridge as being 1/4 full.