Refill Instructions
Epson Color Stylus 3000 Printer

SO20118, SO20122, SO20126, SO20130 Cartridges


The ink in this cartridge is retained in the plastic bag.

For best results, never leave your Epson printer without an installed cartridge -- even an empty one -- for more than an hour or so, because the ink -- the original or our refill ink -- will begin to gel to the consistency of honey, which will require multiple cleaning routines to clear.

Black & Color Cartridges
1. The filling hole is the same hole as the access port. The printer draws the ink from this port. Shown in the picture above is the location of the filling hole / access port in the front of the cartridge.

2. Note: The ink is contained in a delicate mylar bag and it is very important not to insert the needle more than 3/4" or it is possible to puncture the mylar bag permanently damaging it. Fill the syringe with the correct color ink and carefully insert the needle into the filling hole / access port and slowly inject approximately 90 ml. of ink into the cartridge. Unused ink may be returned to the bottle.

DO NOT remove the needle of your syringe, leave the needle in the cartridge and  remove and refill the syringe portion with additional ink and then continue to inject until you have 90 ml in the cartridge. (We do not want to make un-necessary holes in the rubber seal).

3. Hold the cartridge upright with the filling hole on the top. Use the syringe to remove any trapped air in the cartridge by only inserting the needle 3/4? and withdraw any air in the cartridge until all air is removed.

4. Remove the syringe and rinse with water and dry for future use, or to use with a different color ink.

5. Reinsert the cartridge and run a priming cycle as per printer instructions.

Note: Immediately refill any empty cartridges.

NOTE: It is not necessary to disassemble the cartridge to refill it and we strongly recommend you do not.


A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
1 - 30cc Syringe for each color ink.
1 - Short needle for each syringe

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