Refill Instructions Canon 225 and 226  Cartridges

These cartridges are very similar to the older Canon cartridges where part of the cartridge is a sponge and the other part is a reservoir. The only difference is that these newer cartridges are not transparent and do not hold as much ink.

Black & Color Cartridges

1. Cover the outlet hole with the orange outlet seal that came with the cartridge (a rubber band will hold this in place) or with your finger over the outlet port while wearing latex gloves or with some vinyl tape to prevent ink loss during refilling.

2. Use the thumb drill provided to drill a hole into the round white circle that says "PUSH". This will be your filling hole.

3. Attach the needle to the syringe and fill with the correct color ink.

4. Slowly inject approximately 6 ml of Black Ink or 3 ml of Color Ink slowly into the filling hole. Wait about 15 seconds for the sponge to absorb some of the ink. Now add an additional  2 ml of Black Ink or 1 ml of Color Ink until the chamber is full. Unused ink may be returned to the bottle.

6. Seal the hole using the small set screw and allen wrench provided or with a drop of hot glue. If the hole is not sealed air tight then all your ink will drip out of the outlet port.

7. Remove the orange outlet seal (or your finger, or the vinyl tape) from the outlet hole (unless you are storing the cartridge for future use).

8.  Replace the cartridge and run 1 - 3 cleaning cycles as per printer instructions.
Or print the following pages: for Black for Color 

Note: On the 225 and 226 series cartridges, there is an electronic counter embedded in a small computer chip/board. This counter starts at a high number and decreases for every character printed. Eventually, the counter reaches zero. At this point, an error message is generated by the printer. If you click "OK" to the error message, the printer will continue to print. See Here
If you have trouble getting your printer to print because it thinks the cartridges are empty. Look on your printer for an orange blinking light. This is your reset button, usually the paper feed button also. Hold this button in for 5 seconds until the light goes out
. Note: this will not reset the ink level back to full.
If you are having any problems go here:


On some Canon printers, simply click through the error message and the various warnings. The printer should then print fine. Notice that you will need to do this again when the other cartridges run out of ink.
On other Canon printers, hold the RESUME or RESET button for about 10-15 seconds. If your printer does not have a 'resume' or 'reset' button then use the STOP button. This should reset the printer so that it will print with the refilled cartridge.
On still other Canon printers, do the following:
Turn off printer
Hold RESUME button then press and hold POWER until it BEEPs.
Hold POWER and release RESUME
Press RESUME twice
Release POWER button
When the indicator light is steady, press RESUME three (3) times. The indicator should be orange.
Press POWER to set data
A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
3 Syringes for Color with sharp needles
3 small set screws for Color
1 - 10cc Syringe for Black with sharp needle
1 small set screw for Black
1 small allen wrench
1 Thumb Drill

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