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Canon ink refill instructionsCanon ink refill instructionsCanon ink refill instructions


The ink in these cartridges is retained because the cartridge has an internal sponge.

Special Caution
The clear WJ811 fluid (print enhancer fluid) is particularly tricky to work with. If this fluid contacts the ink, the ink will instantly dry and be nearly impossible to remove.

Canon uses this fluid to create a quick-dry effect when printing on non-coated plain paper. Unfortunately, if a drop of this fluid gets on a printhead which contains ink (or vice versa), the material instantly forms a substance similar to acrylic in texture.

Use extreme caution handling this fluid near your printer and in handling inks near this fluid. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a clogged printhead!

A few other comments

  1. Our chemist ran tests using the original Canon cartridges with the original ink. He ran tests with over a dozen cartridges. In all cases, running full pages of black print, there were present white lines, streaks, and density variations when the print enhancing fluid was used. During this test, the black ink cartridge averaged 45 pages while the enhancing fluid lasted 105 pages on average.
  2. The black chamber and the clear chamber both have air detecting tubes which are used to sense when the chamber is empty. When refilling, occasionally there will be air bubbles remaining in these tubes after refilling, so there will seem to be enough ink, but the printer will beep that you are out of ink.

    We recommend never running these cartridges dry. Your refilling will be much better if you refill whenever you get to about a quarter of the cartridge remaining.

  3. If the clear chamber goes dry, it is almost impossible to refill successfully. Luckily, the clear chamber typically outlasts the black chamber by a ratio of 2:1, so we recommend topping off the clear chamber with 5-7 cc of ink every time you refill the black chamber.
  4. We ran a half dozen of the original Canon black cartridges out of ink and 4 of them experienced some permanent blockage of some of the print nozzles before running out of ink. This was during very heavy full page printing. We believe that this is due to overspray of the clear print enhancing fluid.

    We suggest that you not use the print enhancing fluid where possible. It is designed for use on plain paper -- as opposed to coated inkjet paper.

  5. The clear fluid will react with most metals -- except stainless steel. It also reacts with many plastics. We suggest that you only use syringes which are made of stainless steel, polyethylene, or polypropylene. Our syringes are made of these materials. If you use another material, the fluid will form a cloudy mess that will eventually clog the printhead.
  6. Now that we've frightened you, let us add that this material is similar to Calgon water softener. In other words, it is non-toxic but may cause eye irritation. Wash with plenty of water.

    It's not that bad to people, but this fluid is a pain to work with around ink. Canon put it in -- we provide it as a service.


1. Seal the outlet hole(s) in the base of the cartridge with tape.

2. Peel back label on top of cartridge enough to expose the filling holes, as shown.  It will be the same on the black cartridge.

3. Enlarge the filling hole(s) in the top of the cartridge(s) using a 1/16" hand drill.

4. Push needle all the way into the cartridge of the appropriate color filling hole. Note: The cartridge contains sponge and a slight resistance may be felt. Very slowly inject up to 10cc of black ink or 5 cc of color ink into the sponge until the cartridge is full.
Remember the black cartridge also has a clear liquid that is filled on the opposite side from the black.
(Now, always top off the clear fluid with about 5-7 cc of WJ811 fluid. It is vital that this chamber not be allowed to go dry. Reread the Special Caution above. Be sure not to get any clear fluid on the black exit hole.)  When full, ink may seep from the filling and outlet holes.

5. Seal the filling holes(s) in the top of the cartridge by reapplying the label.

6. Unused ink may be returned to the bottle. Clean the syringe with water and dry for future use, or use with a different color ink.

7. Remove the adhesive tape on the outlet hole(s) and run 1 - 3 cleaning cycles as per printer instructions.

BC-62 Photo Cartridge

The BC-62 photo cartridge has 6 ink wells.  The ink wells on the front of the cartridge are the  normal inks.  The 3 ink wells on the back of the cartridge are the photo inks.  Each ink well will hold up to 3cc of color ink.  Fill according to the instructions above.

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
3 Syringes for color portion
3 Syringes for photo portion
2 Syringes (10cc) for black
Aluminum Tape
Thumb Drill

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