Refill Instructions
Canon BC-62 Cartridge

Canon 700J and 7000 Series Printers


Canon ink refill instructions

Step 1. Remove BCI-62 Photo ink tank cartridge from printer. To reveal the filling holes, peel back the label on the top of cartridge.

Step 2. Set the cartridge on a flat surface with plenty of newspaper underneath it. The 6 exit ports should be pointing up. The top row takes the standard colors and the bottom or middle row takes the photo colors. If you need to determine which color goes into which hole, take a toothpick and insert it into the hole. Then, match the ink on the toothpick with the ink from the bottles.

Step 3
Use the Thumb Drill included in the kit to enlarge the 6 filling holes.

Step 4  Tape over the holes which you AREN'T filling to prevent ink contamination. Each Photo-color can only take about 5-8 cc when empty, so don't expect much.

Step 5  Attach the needle point to the syringe and fill with ink, insert the filling needle into the corresponding filling hole and push as far down into the cartridge as possible. Note: The cartridge contains a sponge and will not readily accept the needle. Inject up to 8 cc. of ink into the sponge, slowly until the chamber is full. You will know when it is full because some ink may overflow from the filling and outlet holes.

Step 6.  Repeat the process with the other colors. The regular color chambers are larger and hold 8-10 ml. Since you will run out of one color far before the others, don't expect them to take more than about 3-4cc.

You only need cover the hole with a piece of tape for extended storage or transportation to prevent leaking or drying out. Remove the tape when printing.

Step 7  Set on a paper towel for an hour as a drip precaution. Expect a few drips. Cover all holes during storage to prevent leaks and evaporation.

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
6 Syringes.
Thumb Drill
Aluminum Tape

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