Refill Instructions
Canon Bubblejet
BJ-130 / BJ-300 / BJ-330
BJC-800 / BJC-820 / BJC-880
Epson SQ870 / 1170

1. Assemble the syringe and filling needle and fill with ink. Epson ink refill instructions

2. Hold cartridge with the filling hole upwards, insert the tip of the needle only through the "septum" rubber seal, and inject up to 35ml. of ink.

IMPORTANT: Insertion too far may puncture the internal bladder of the cartridge.

3. Air bubbles must not be injected into the cartridge as they may cause irregular printing. If air is introduced it should be withdrawn by careful sucking with the syringe.

4. The cartridge should now be installed to the printer, and is ready for use.

5. Clean the syringe with water and dry for future use.

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
1 - 30cc Syringe for Black
3 - 30cc Syringes for Color

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