1) Cut label at joint between top and bottom halves of the cartridge case.

2) Flip open the cartridge casing (shell).

3) Remove the cartridge from the casing (shell).

4) There is a round hole (well) in the top of the cartridge. Inside the hole or well is a rubber stopper. Use a thumb drill and drill through the rubber stopper.
Note: Do not bump or press the "pressure release button".

5) Put the blunt filling needle onto the syringe and fill the syringe with ink.

6) Insert the blunt needle through the drilled stopper hole and into the cartridge body. Be sure the needle (even though it is blunt) does not press up against the bag and punctures it.

7) S-l-o-w-l-y inject 15cc of ink into the cartridge bag.

8)Remove the syringe with needle and Seal the hole using the small set screw and allan wrench provided.

9) Place the cartridge back into it's casing (shell) and use a piece of tape to hold the two sides of the casing (shell) together.

10) Replace the cartridge(s) and run 1 - 3 cleaning cycles as per printer instructions.
Or print the following pages:  for Black  for Color 

Alternate refill instructions are located here

Note: this is not among the easiest cartridges to refill. For a simple solution go here:

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
3- 30cc Syringes with blunt needles for Color
1 - 30cc Syringe with blunt needle for Black
1 Thumb Drill
1 Small Allan Wrench
1 Small Set Screw per color

Aluminum Tape

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