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Printer inks and Inkjet refills


  • Printer manufactures are not being kind to their customers. Did you know that when you purchase an inkjet cartridge, as small as it may be, the ink cartridge is not full of ink. It may have a sponge that takes up all the space in the cartridge but the sponge is only half full of ink or less. We show below the HP 98 cartridge. Why do they do this. Two reasons;
    1 - They want you to run out of ink quickly so you will purchase a new cartridge. They don't make much of a profit selling printers, they make their profit selling cartridges.
    2 - They can then fill the sponge full of ink (like it should be in the first place) and call it an XL cartridge. As you can guess, these XL cartridges cost more money and it's all profit.
    Why not refill your cartridge once it is empty with ink from the Printer Filling Station. Our ink is an identical match to the OEM inks at a fraction of the cost. You can then fill the standard (or XL) cartridge and this time fill it full, now you will automatically have an XL and the cost is about one dollar.


  • The price of inkjet cartridges are going up. It is now costing more to print. Inkjet Cartridges tend to hold less ink while the cost of these cartridges are going up. It makes more sense now to refill your cartridges as opposed to throwing them away and purchasing a new inkjet cartridge every time. Throwing away inkjet cartridges after it's first use is just a waste of money. Read the entire story from PC World by clicking here:
  • Projects that we are currently working on are the Printer Inks and Refilling Instructions for the HP 932 and HP 933 inkjet cartridges. The HP932 and 933 cartridges are the cartridges made for the HP Officejet 6100, 6600, and 6700 printers. This is another new design in the latest HP new design cartridges that hit the market in 2012.


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